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About Chennai

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Chennai is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and was once called Madras. From IcityZoom Travel Guide one will surely get hold of the present day Chennai that portrays the rich historical background along with modern infrastructure. It has been the fortress of many dynasties of South India in the past. The history of Chennai is filled with the stories of colonial times, and it has served as a battle ground for the colonial forces of the French and the British as well as the Mysore kingdom. The city of Chennai served as a major naval port during the 18th century and became the capital of the presidency of Madras post-independence.

It is a fast paced metropolitan city in South India and is situated in South east of the Coromandal coast of the Bay of Bengal. Being a major center of culture, administration and trade in South India, the city has a rich cultural heritage. IcityZoom Travel Guide also exhibits the aesthetics for Tamil art that can be seen in the classical dances, Carnatic music and other art forms of the state. It is the main centre of Tamil culture. We offer architecture, culture, crafts, drama and art of the city which gives a glimpse of South Indian heritage and are the prominent attractions in Chennai.

Chennai Facts

Area 178.2 sq km
Latitudinal parallel 13° 04' N
Longitudinal meridian 80° 17' E
Altitude 6.7 m
Population 4.344 million (Census 2011)
Average Temperature 15–22 °C (59–72 °F)
Desirable Clothes Woollen for winters and light cotton for summers
Rainfall 958.5 mm.
Monsoon Tropical wet and dry climate
Season November to February
Best time to visit November to February
STD Code 044
Languages Tamil, Hindi and English
Religions Hindus ,Muslims , Christians ,Jains,Sikhs and Buddhists .