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About Madurai

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Commonly known as the temple town of the country, Madurai is located in the southern part of India in the state of Tamil Nadu. The city is also famous for uniting people of various religions, all of whom stay here in mutual and communal harmony. Irrespective of religion, each and every festival is celebrated with great passion in the city.

The IcityZoom travel guide let anyone know more about the city. It is situated on the bank of river Vaigai and has been part of the kingdom of Pandya kings in the ancient time. Nayak kings ruled the city of Madurai in the 16th century and Christianity has also thrived here in this city. The city has a great and inspiring cultural heritage to be passed on to the succeeding generations. Madurai is said to be more than 2500 years old. Its commercial center was founded in 550 AD.

Madurai is constructed in the form of a lotus and therefore the city is often called as the lotus city. There is an arresting temple structured during the reign of Pandyan rulers and its major deities are Parvati and Lord Shiva. It was believed that heavenly nectar was showered here and as of this the aromatic Jasmine is seen blossoming all over. All these features of this lotus city magnetize a large number of visitors each year. The captivating temples, fragrant gardens and ancient monuments have added a lot to the development of tourism in the city. To know more about the city, you can go through the travel guide Madurai.

Madurai Facts

Area 147.977 sq km
Latitudinal parallel 11° 00' N
Longitudinal meridian 78° 00' E
Altitude 101 m
Population 928,869 (Census 2011)
Average Temperature 33.2 °C
Desirable Clothes Woollen for winters and light cotton for summers
Rainfall 38 cm
Monsoon southwest monsoon
Season N/A
Best time to visit October to March
STD Code 0452
Languages Hindi English,Tamil
Religions Hindus ,Christians ,Muslims,Buddhishts, Sikhs and Jains