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About Cochin

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The commercial capital and the most cosmopolitan city of Kerala, Cochin along with its mainland part, Ernakuam is also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. With one of the finest natural harbours in the world, this was once a major centre of commerce and trade with the British, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch etc.Cochin is the most modern city of Kerala where the best shopping markets are located. From Cochin ships set sail for foreign ports with pepper, seafood, rubber and coir. The harbour is the nucleus around which Cochin has grown to become the Queen of Arabian Sea. The word Ernakulam comes from a Tamil word Erayanarkulam which means abode of Lord Shiva.

Cochin located at the tip of the Indian peninsula is one of the busy shipping ports in India and a major centre for trade and commerce for it is very close to the Arabian Sea. According to history Chinese traveler Ma Huan has made mention about Cochin in his records. There is a mention about this port city in the travelogue by Niccolo da Conti when he came to Cochin in 1440AD.The history of Cochin even before the rule of Portuguese is faintly perceptible. Only after the decline of the Kulashekhara kingdom Cochin stated gaining its importance. The King of Cochin always remained only as the title head for it was always under the colonization of foreign invaders. Cochin was mostly in the limelight mainly during the Portuguese period. Under the supervision of the admiral Pedro Cabral, the Portuguese king laid the foundation for a factory in Cochin. Though the King of Cochin supported the admiral, it was out of fear of the Zamorins that they withdrew. But however a war was declared against the Zamorins by Vasco Da Gama and most of the Arab trading posts were destroyed. After this to protect the factory Fort Manuel was built. The Portuguese and the Raja of Cochin was overthrown by the Dutch and then followed by the English rule. Soon after independence Cochin took the credit of first joining the Indian Union. Slowly Cochin developed into a major commercial and industrial centre. IcityZoom Travel Guide gives you all the information about the exotic sites that can be visited in the city.

Cochin Facts

Area 94.88 sq km
Latitudinal parallel 9.93 oN
Longitudinal meridian 76.26 oE
Altitude 4 m
Population 595,575 (Census 2011)
Average Temperature 27 °C
Desirable Clothes Woollen for winters and light cotton for summers
Rainfall 350cm
Monsoon Northwest monsoon
Season July to September
Best time to visit October to April
STD Code 0484
Languages Malayalam, Hindi & English
Religions Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Jainism