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About Kolkata

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Located on the banks of the exquisite Hooghly River, the beautiful city of Kolkata boasts of an elegant culture, flamboyant history and prosperous future. Formerly known as Calcutta, this city is the capital of the state of West Bengal and the cradle of Indian Communist movements. The city is bequeathed with several honors such as 'Cultural Capital of India', 'the City of Processions' and 'City of Joy'. Behind the decorated doors of each house, IcityZoom Travel Guide incense hazes hover and the colorful flower markets wallop a tremendous senseous punch with a continuous sense of festivity.

The air is aromatic with the subtle smell of vermilion, camphor, the spiky odor of new clothes and strong smells of mustard oil from the kitchen. Delighted prattle of Bengali voices combine with the resonance of everyday rituals and offer you an immense sense of been in a crucuble of urban humanity. IcityZoom Travel Guide offers you attractions in Kolkata like Victoria Memorial, Marble Palace, Howrah Bridge, Kalighat kali Temple, Dakhineshwar Kali Temple and flower Market of Kolkata.

Kolkata Facts

Area 185 sq km
Latitudinal parallel 22.57 oN
Longitudinal meridian 88.36 oE
Altitude 9 m
Population 4.573 million (Census 2011)
Average Temperature 24.8 °C
Desirable Clothes Woollen for winters and light cotton for summers
Rainfall 32 cm
Monsoon Southwest Monsoon
Season June to September
Best time to visit Oct - Mar
STD Code 033
Languages Bengali, Hindi, English
Religions Hindus, Muslims, Sikh,Christian, Jain, Parsis,Budhhists